Music Monday: Younha

Happy Monday! This post is coming to you a little late today…

Today I want to feature Younha (윤하), an artist I’ve been a fan of for over 7 years. It all started in middle school when my friends and I would blast “Houki Boshi” and sing at the top of our lungs. I still know all the lyrics to this day. Younha is an South Korean artist but first achieved success in Japan. She taught herself Japanese at a very young age, and has played the piano since age 5. She is known to release two versions of a song, one Korean and one Japanese. What is really incredible is that she used to be an artist with a much lower profile and a more Japanese look and style, but has since transformed into a Korean pop superstar, with many collaborations with other artists (Epik High, Wheesung).

The song I’m featuring today is “It’s Okay,” or <괜찮다>, a track from her fourth Korean studio album Supersonic. In the vocals, you can hear her amazing range and stunning vocal clarity.  She can adopt a more fast-paced rock style with ease, as she showed in “Houki Boshi,” but a simple yet resonant song like this is where her talent truly shines.

Have a great week, and I hope you check out her other music too!

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