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For Young Typhoon Survivors, Return of Play Is a Sign of Hope

It has been two weeks since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines. The current casualties and damages are already enormous, and they will continue to rise as communications are restored to the country. Yet, with all the trauma and ruin, people have already started to take up their regular routines again, sprouting hope in the seemingly dreary communities. Despite the worrying image of an uncertain future, they work together to rebuild their neighborhoods and demonstrate their resilience. In the wreckage that was once Tacloban, Filipinos continue to play basketball, showing their love for the sport. Within the local schools, which were used as shelters during the storm, children giggle and laugh, remaining strong in the midst of fear and sadness.

While hope is slowly returning to the damaged nation, much progress must be made for the Filipino community to recover. One of the biggest challenges is to reopen schools as soon as possible. Lynette Lim, Asia communications manager for Save the Children, commented, “We know the longer [children] don’t return to school, the more likely they are to drop out.” Another concern is child malnutrition, which is already present at high levels. Though planes continue to land aid in places such as Cebu, several difficulties have slowed its distribution. Other countries are working to return the Philippines to its former state as well. Recently, China had offered to send its Peace Ark, a world-class hospital ship, as a way to heal strained Philippine relations.

For Young Typhoon Survivors, Return of Play Is a Sign of Hope

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