Natalie Tran of CommunityChannel

Hey, everyone! Are you all having a great Wednesday? It’s time for another Asian YouTuber.

This week, we are featuring Natalie Tran, who uses the nickname communitychannel. Before she was born in 1986, her parents came from Vietnam to Australia as refugees. When they decided to settle in Sydney, her mother found a job in the postal service, and her father became a public school teacher. Raised in Western Sydney, Tran previously studied teaching for two years before completing a degree in Digital Media. Having garnered considerable popularity, she was featured on several publications, such as The Sydney Morning Herald and Venus Zine. She also participated in many awards shows and conferences. In 2010, she spoke at the Entertainment Gathering convention in Monterey, California, and went on to deliver a presentation at ideaCity in Toronto, Canada. A year later, she was declared one of Sydney’s most influential people.

Tran’s videos almost only show herself, using clever editing to act out most of her characters. Her common theme is observational and self-deprecating humor, focusing on the oddities and annoyances of everyday life. The video above, Do you hurt it?, is no different. Occasionally, she speaks of more serious issues, including racism, depression, and national identity. In an interview with Forbes magazine, Tran admitted that she had considered ending her YouTube career altogether so that she could more actively pursue her passion for writing. In 2012, she mentioned she was working on a romantic comedy and hoped it will one day hit the big screen.

Ultimately, Tran’s videos are to show that life is fun, that the world population (especially women) is hilarious, and that we currently live in a time where we can share these moments.

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