Music Monday: iKON – 취향저격(MY TYPE)

Happy Monday! Have you missed us? We have certainly missed you..

Those of you familiar with K-pop may know about a television competition show called Who is Next: Win in which trainees of YG Entertainment, arranged into two groups named ‘Team A’ and ‘Team B’ competed to debut as a boy group under the label – and achieve their dreams of becoming idols!

Team A won the competition in 2014, and debuted as the band WINNER, to the disappointment of many fans of Team B. However, around two weeks ago, on September 15th 2015, Team B, now renamed iKON, officially released their first single.

This certainly is a long-awaited release for fans of Team B. Even if you have never heard of iKON, perhaps you have heard of Bobby or B.I., who both collaborated as rappers with the high profile hip-hop group Epik HIgh last year in their hit controversial song “Born Hater,” from the album Shoebox. (warning: “Born Hater” contains profanity)

Here is a video of Team B performing from Mix & Match, the second competition show after Who is Next: Win. You can see they’ve come a long way in the music video of this cute song.

Have a wonderful week! Fight those midterms.

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