Music Monday: 안녕하신가영

Happy Monday everyone! (It must have been good, because there were no classes… right?)

I hope you had a wonderful productive weekend and are now ready to get back to school life! (I know I’m not.) If you are feeling overwhelmed and just want to feel sorry for yourself, I have just the perfect soundtrack for you.

This song is called “우리는 남보다도 못한 사이가 되기 위해서,” which translates to “We Are No Better Than Strangers.” It is sung by the lovely singer Hello Ga Young (안녕하신가영) and is part of Mint Paper’s 2nd album, bright #2. Mint Paper is a collective of independent artists in Korea that release consistently quality compilation albums, and have just started to begin tours in Korea.

Although it may sound like “coffeeshop music,” the lyrics are far less trivial than your average cafe song, as they detail the painful growing apart after a break up. Take a listen, and enjoy indie music at its finest!

Hello Ga Young can be found on iTunes.

I found the song through an excellent Tumblr, K Indie Music, which I thoroughly recommend!

Have a great week everyone (:

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