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Music Monday: SuperStar K6

Happy Monday everyone!

This summer, the Korean television talent shows series “Superstar K6” has aired once again and it has really been a season to watch. As a fan of the show myself I am truly impressed with the group of people who have risen as the finalists so far. Naturally, this week’s Music Monday will be featuring one of my favorite performances, where the contestants were asked to split up into groups of three and face off against another group in the hopes of making it to the next round.

The song they sing is originally by 이치현과 벗님들 and the title 당신만이, directly and appropriately translates to “Only You”. The song, in essence, is a love letter to a woman whom he regards as the light of his life. The contestants are really able to capture the longing of love the song is trying to portray through their different voice styles and smooth collaboration.

The three voices featured in this video are 곽진언, 김필, and 임도혁. If you do choose to watch the full episode you can see the reactions of the judges, where they gawk over their incredibly amazing performance. They even comment about how they, as professionals, are not sure that they would be able to perform as well as the three contestants.

Have a great week everyone and maybe even tune in this Friday to watch this week’s episode of SuperStar K6!

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