Fortune Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

This week, our fortune nudges you to take ownership of your efforts and to have assurance in yourself. Confidence provides the kick to get us going, the faith to persevere, and the fearlessness to snatch the opportunity when it finally arises. Whether you’re a discouraged self-proclaimed chef dispirited by your unappetizing carrot cake, or an aspiring veterinarian who still can’t overcome giving shots to squirming animals, remember to be certain in yourself.

Mishaps happen, but the situation can be amended. You can still be a beginner, but the necessary skills can be learned and sharpened. But if you don’t possess the certainty of success, you lack the critical drive to help see your dreams through.

Be the chef who rightfully earned your skills through under-cooked poultry and overly-flavored pastries. Your now acclaimed carrot cake will taste that much sweeter.

Have a tenacious weekend everyone!

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