Music Monday: 惘闻 (Wang Wen)

Good Morning,

The song this Monday is 污水塘 (Polluted Pool) by post-rock Chinese band 惘闻 (Wang Wen). Hailing from Dalian, they self-released a demo in 1999 and started gaining fans and fame not long afterwards. After two more demos they released an album in 2003, and from 2005-2008 they released a short album each year. That was when their popularity really began to spike.

In 2012 their album 0.7 was released, to the anticipation of both national and international fans. 污水塘 from IV and Lonely God from 0.7 are consistently their most popular songs. Something about the mellow strings and guitar in this one makes me think of a slowly tortured and yearning spirit. If you like post-rock at all give this a listen.

You can find them on Spotify and

Have a wonderful week!

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